No real war. Only… some shots heard… ?!?

”Only. Some shots heard” – United States Secretary of State, John Kerry

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Everything Explodes…

Excalibur – The latest in precision bombing.Thanks to arronlee33 for sharing !

Donetsk, Ukranie – 26th of May 2014

The Ukranian civil war gears up, and the coming holocaust have stated. At lest 9 million civilians will be dead…

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T.T.T.T.T. K. O.O.O.

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…a message strait from Lucifer ?!?
Never underestimate – The TRIX Family ! ;)

The new judicial system in Ukraine ?


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China’s 2nd Artillery has updated it’s Nuclear Arsenal


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China’s 2nd Artillery has updated it’s Nuclear Arsenal and are well prepared for nuclear war if necessary. China’s has more than 3200 nuclear warheads at disposal.
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