‘Touch and Go’ ….


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Hot smoke get hotter. Touch and Go on the Charels de Gaule aircraft carrier, in the Arabic Gulf.

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Extra Flammable !!!!


More and more Railroad Oil Explosions in America. The new Fracking Oil in U.S. are said to be Extra Flammable. So it makes it Extra hard to handle and transport on Railroads. To old railway lines, and to little maintenance are also said to on of the factors, behind the recent oil and train disasters.

14 Rail Cars Exploding in West Virginia recently Thanks to BREAKING NEWS2 and Associated Press for sharing.

U.S. is PREPARING for Something Big – Civil War, Coming WW3, Collapse of America ?


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…or only fear-porn ? :7

Scheisse ! Kaputt.

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Håller fordonsägarna på att sladda av vägen ? Det är lättare gjort än vad man tror, när det blir vinter. Iallafall verkar det vara extra halt, just nu. Så ta det försiktigt på vägen, med ditt fordon !

Bilder från Nürbergring – 2014

Independence Day of Ukraine

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‘…and after this straight to the front’ – writes CrazyKosai on Youtube