On this show…

  1. United States of America is as bankrupt as Greece. Watch out ! When interest rates goes up.
  2. Get prepared ! Start with, take out the money from your bank, as the Greeks do.
  3. Shut down of ATM machines, and credit card are coming, including (EBT) food stamps for the poor. Even on-line Pay Pal accounts will be shut down.
  4. Inflation and deflation at same time.
  5. A New World Order and New World Currency are coming.
  6. Prepare for an shut-down of the internet with blocking of search engines like Google and Domain Name Service Names (www.infowars.com).
  7. A Nuclear World War is on the horizon.
  8. Bankers/Banksters has captured America
  9. A Massive ”die of” is coming (when the power net is coming down)
  10. Get out of the city. Team up with your cousins on the country side.
  11. We will see an full-scale economic collapse
  12. Inform friends and family, and get right with God.
  13. Get a water filter and a short band radio/all band receiver.