Facts from eye witnesses of the crash
1. Flight attendants blew away, out of the air-plane when it crashed.
2. Passengers fell out of the air-plane in the back, when the rear of plane cracked and opened in air.
2. The air-body turned instantly into a fireball of flames, when it touched the landing strip.
3. All passengers needed to evacuate theme self. But was ordered to stay inside the burning wreak, after the crash.
4. Some passengers got stuck in burning wreak after there safe belt jammed and didn’t open – No safe belts cutters or safety knifes are allowed on, or installed on commercial air-planes any longer. Due to the new terrorist laws, that not are allow sharp objects
5. Some passengers almost died and did got stuck when the rubber-stairs inflated inwards, into the cockpit.
6. It took almost 35-40 minutes to get ambulance personnel to arrive to the accident scene, at the airport.
7. Authorities stooped people from entering and leaving the airport for hours after the crash.